What a n"ICE" Day

by Footlights Team on November 06, 2018

Guess what?  A nice young lad just popped into the shop to ask us to display a poster in our Gallery. Of course, we are always happy to do this because our customers love to know whats going on and join in the fun.  So, it turns out there is a Ice Festival coming to the Pier Head in Liverpool from November 10th (i.e. THIS weekend) until January. Sounds lots of fun - especially the Ice Rink. I did Challenge Wendy, our Marvelous Manager,  to a "skate-off" but she's declined - what a spoilsport - obviously thinks I would win (LOL)

We have some "2 for 1" ticket codes to give away - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED - call in asap and get YOURS.


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