The SHOW season is upon us

by Footlights Team on April 05, 2019

It gets a bit mad, but we LOVE this time of year. Shows going on all over the place. We try to make sure we have everything everyone needs - but sometimes the Footlights Fairies have to call upon their Supernatural, Mind Reading powers to know exactly what are the correct tights a particular number in a particular school needs. And then make sure we have plenty of those tights, because the whole class comes in the day before the show - and they all need the same size!!

But that's fine. Luckily the Footlights Fairies can normally spin up some kind of magic for those last minute emergencies. That's what we are good at!!

So, in normal tradition, we say "Break A Leg" to all our performers for their upcoming shows. We try to get to see as many of them as possible.

And watch this space for things going on as part of the Footlights #LetsGetDancing campaign throughout 2019. You may want to join in the fun, and spread the word about how great dancing is - and we will show you how 


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