Stand up to Bullying and be kind. #wearblueday

by Footlights Team on November 09, 2018

Today is national "Wear Blue Day" to support Anti Bullying charities across the nation. Next week is also Anti-Bullying week and we feel that it is important that we all do our part to stamp out bullying.

Bullying can affect anyone of any age, and doesn't necessarily stop at school. We are also aware that bullying is rife in the dance world and want to do our bit to promote being kind and helping others.  

Reposted from Bullying Uk; 

Wear blue and help #stopbullying

Wear Blue Day is on 9 November 2018 and we are asking schools, colleges, universities, individuals, organisations and businesses to wear blue and donate to Bullying UK. 

Wear blue day 

We all know someone who has experienced bullying in some aspect of their life. We recognise that the impact of bullying can be a very difficult process to overcome. 

Our wear blue day is in recognition of all those who have suffered from bullying or are experiencing this to come together and stand up to bullying. 

We will be supporting this wonderful cause at footlights by wearing blue accessories with our purple uniform and we have all you need in store to support #wearblueday including blue hairspray, bobbles, legwarmers, makeup and much more!

You can share your photos of you wearing Blue to twitter, facebook and instagram by using the hashtag #wearblueday. 

You can find help and support, make a donation and gain further information at the following website: 

Remember, Bullying is NEVER acceptable. Speak up and tell a friend, colleague or teacher and lets put an end to bullying.


The team at Footlights x 


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