"Owen Drew" Candles - our new Gift Range instore

by Footlights Team on September 08, 2018

We know our customers love nice things. And things don't get much nicer than Owen Drew candles. My house now smells like a dream - and my relaxing baths are SOOOOO much better with one of these candles burning. And because of the way they are created (all handmade), there's no dripping wax, no danger of them falling over - they just burn on and on - FAB-U-LOUS Darlings!!!  They're perfect gifts for any occasion (including weddings) - they come beautifully wrapped and perfumed, ready to give. Guess what all my friends will be getting for their birthday and Christmas presents (hope none of them are reading this !!!)

We will be having a "Meet the Maker" launch day soon instore, where our customers can try the different fragrances & meet the team behind these gorgeous products so watch this space and let us know if you fancy coming to that. But for now, we have a good stock of the most popular fragrances so pop in and have a look. 


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