New Year Motivation!

by Footlights Team on January 10, 2019

Finding it hard to get back to dance after Christmas? Struggled with your first class back? Feel you've lost your technique?

We all struggle to get back into routine after a the Christmas holidays. Throwing yourself back into dance and fitness after those lovely few weeks of lounging by the tree, Christmas treats and festive telly can be really hard and takes a lot of motivation. That is why we have dedicated today's blog post to some of our favorite motivational quotes to get you back dancing in no time! 

We believe that dance is for everyone so whether you are a regular at your dance class or a novice, use these quotes below to inspire you to get that double pirouette or even to take your first steps!

Also don't forget to check out the "Find a class" page of our website to find lessons and dance schools in your area!




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