Memories of dance classes #1

by Footlights Team on December 08, 2018

Here at Footlights we've been talking about our memories of dance classes in the "olden days" (as my sons refer to it) when we were young. So imagine this. Its the early 1970s. The miners were striking and electricity was rationed so every area had no power for a few days each week. Schools closed (hurrah). Mums cooked with camping cookers. Dance classes were cancelled. OR NOT. My determined dance teacher, the indomitable Miss Elliott from Bebington, carried on as normal - running fairy lights from a car battery around the studio. Magical memories for me (aged about 11) of my Tuesday RAD class. As they say in show business - "The Show Must Go On". What a trooper.  I wish she was still here so I could thank her for giving me the gift of dance. 

 Stay tuned for more memories of dance classes from the Good Old Days


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