Les Mis - still as good as ever

by Footlights Team on March 02, 2019

So the Footlights girls (well, 2 of us anyway) took a trip to Manchester to see "Les Miserables" this week. Must be the 10th time I've seen it - but am yet to be disappointed. Really great production, and we were especially impressed with the use of digital backcloth imaging. Made Jean Valjean's hike through the sewers, carrying the injured Marius, seem so real. And the Thenardier's were hysterical.

The only thing that spoiled the evening was the idiot sat in front of us - talking , checking phone messages, rattling crisp packets. IF YOU ARE THAT PERSON, please stay in and watch TV instead of visiting the theatre in future. Or learn some manners !! . Honestly, I really can't believe some people. But we had a great night - long may Les Mis continue to entertain us


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