Here Comes Summer

by Footlights Team on July 20, 2019

So, the summer break is here. Exam season for dance schools is ALMOST over - although we have been mobbed this week - isn't it ironic when the ballet shoes / belts / headbands disappear the week of your exam !! 

More and more schools are now staying open all summer either running normal classes, or special Summer dance clubs and workshops. We love this, because generally it's all a bit more of a relaxed, fun based few weeks and lots of our customers really love the chance to get out of standard uniforms and strut their stuff in some funky dance fashion. 

We spend alot of time here sourcing some very different and individual dancewear. We get it from all over the world and we focus on great quality (we don't do "cheap" dancewear at Footlights - that really is a false economy). But also we don't really like the mass produced offerings - we like our customers to get their own individual dance look, and we find that they really appreciate it. So if you are looking for something different / funky / gorgeous for your summer classes, come on down to see us.

Have a great Summer everyone - we hope the sun shines on you whatever you are doing  XXX


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