Evita on this week - ft. our own Store Manager - Wendy

by Footlights Team on September 12, 2018
Well folks- if you didn’t know, a fabulous professional performance of Evita is on at the Floral Pavilion this week. And just when things can’t get any better - this now features our very own Wendy in the lineup !! You may not know this, but Wendy is a very talented singer, dancer and comedy actress, so stepping into a production like this is no problem for her. I’m sure the production will enjoy a fantastic week over on the Wirral - if you get chance go and see it. The Floral is special because it’s smaller than many other theatres so you are much more “in” the story, there are no restricted vision seats and parking etc is free. Plus they have a lovely bar. All in all, it’s a good night out. Check out our blog pages for more info and reviews of our local “what’s on” scene In Liverpool and Wirral.  If you do get to see Evita, let us know what you thought of it.

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