Dance for a Fiver with Footlights #LetsGetDancing

by Footlights Team on July 22, 2019

Our 2019 #LetsGetDancing campaign is gathering steam now, and we are well on our way to achieving our goal. Which is to Get More People Dancing

One of our great initiatives for this campaign our "DANCE  for a FIVER" scheme, which provides used dance shoes for just £5, so that people new to dance can try it out without any major outlay for the correct shoes. It is SO important to use the correct shoes for dance, as in any other sport. The wrong shoes can create joint problems, muscle problems and prevents you actually getting the most out of your class. But we know that sometimes it can be a dilema when you really just want to "have a go". So now, for just £5, you can get a pair of proper dance shoes (subject to availability - of course!!)

So REMEMBER - bring your old shoes into store with you next time you call in. We give you £1 off your new shoes, and make a donation to one of our chosen charities on your behalf. And the shoes then will go into our "DANCE for a FIVER" basket and you can be assured they will be put to good use and hopefully allow somebody to start enjoying the joy of dance.


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